Lectures de développement personnel: Antoine Fillissiadis

Antoine Fillissiadis: Déjà 6 livres et de nombreux stages et séminaires à son actif!

  • Envie de changer de boulot? d’arrêter de fumer? de changer de vie? de vous surpasser? Envie tout simplement de vous connaître et de vous affirmer?
  • Tout ça non pas à travers des lectures psychologique indigestes?
  •  Ne pas pouvoir décrocher du livre et en sortir grandi et sur de vous?

N’attendez plus et dévorez ses bouquins que l’on pourrait classifier de thrillers psychologiques:

•  Va au bout de tes rêves

•  Surtout n’y allez pas

•  L’homme qui voulait changer sa vie

•  Le premier et le dernier miracle

•  D’où viens tu?

•  L’Affaire Meredith Anderson

 « Jusqu’où peut-on aller par amour ? »

« Un roman boulversant d’humanité sur le sens de la vie, l’amour, la maladie, la guérison… »

Allez sur le site de l’auteur découvrir sa biographie et sa vision



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    one particular boy, Killed in the early hours Friday, Was the first Syrian shopping escape into Jordan to be shot to death by border guards, Jordanian officials and a Syrian rebel commander said.

    Bilal elLababidi and his parents were in a group of around a dozen Syrians trying to sneak into Jordan right after midnight, The latest in excess of 140,000 who have taken refuge in the neighbouring kingdom from the Syrian regime’s fierce crackdown on the rebellion against President Bashar Assad.

    « they are a martyr, Who is now in a better place. i am certain he is in heaven, Said elLababidi’s mother before the boy’s burial later Friday at a cemetery in the northern Jordanian city of Ramtha. she’d only identify herself as Umm Bilal, alternatively « the mother of Bilal, As careful women often do in public rather than using their real names.

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    Jordan’s help and advice Minister Sameeh Maaytah, using Amman, Initially identified the boy by the last name elLabloubi and said he was three years old. But a member of the Syrian rebel Free Syrian Army who was now hosting Umm Bilal and her two younger, remaining sons at a house in northern Jordan corrected that. He said the boy was six all of the last name elLababidi. The FSA member spoke on condition of anonymity due to weather change sensitivity of the group’s presence in Jordan.

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    They and the others in the group were slipping across farmland and olive groves between the Syrian town of Tal Shihab and the Jordanian border village of Turrah.

    as their group neared the border, although, Syrian border troops opened fire the actual refugees ran, Umm Bilal identified. The soldiers sprayed space with bullets, according to a Jordanian border officer and a relative of Bilal who made it into Jordan with his mother. Jordanian guards fired rising to try to scare off the Syrian troops, The Jordanian policeman said.

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    Last nov, One woman was shot in the leg. using April, Troops fired at a large group close to 900 refugees, Wounding hundreds, Many of whom for instance women were then arrested and taken back into Syria.

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    Rescue and emergency working people, combined with fighting fires, using CPR, Cutting people from mangled wrecks and all the other myriad tasks they perform, Battle the nuisance people. commonly called ambulance chasers, Gawkers or rubberneckers, These people snarl traffic and generally hamper the crews from doing their job. They have no official business at the site, And they don mainly want to help. specifically, They just want to see something gruesome or bizarre to titillate their imagination so they can command a persons vision of their neighbors and friends as someone the know Their interest in the misfortunes of others centers on their own personal needs and drives. For corresponding reasons, People chase movie stars, Sports personalities, Politicians and other celebrities around the particular to obtain photographs and autographs. They seek to elevate their own importance by getting close to important people. With no true success of their own, They feed away from the legitimate successes of others.

    Seekers thronged Jesus for quite a number of reasons. Some wanted to fulfill their curiosity. Some went wherever the gang went. Some wanted a rest from work. Some saw a good chance to eat. Some planning Jesus was a rebel. Some looked at him as an option to the oppressive Roman regime. Some thought he’d lead Israel back to its former glory. some other people, for the, Possessed a revelation about his true identity. Jesus understood the differences.

    The same example prevails in church circles today. Many estranged husbands and wives sink at an altar of prayer, Not as they quite simply seek genuine repentance, But so God might put their homes together again. In church goods and services, Many addicts anguish over their compulsions, Not so they can walk away from the drugs or alcohol, But so they can find relief from the financial, Social and physical troubles their fun activity have caused. Even more difficult than these situations, Others stick to religious teaching and requirements, Embrace sound doctrine and restructure their lives for a time, But their motives remain mired in selfish pursuits. if he or she get bored, Experience difficulties, harmed, Or fail to make a clean break with carnal working relationships, They wander off in search of something different.

    SelfCentered followers. Some always seek their own individual advantage. They manipulate every situation in a manner that they come out on top. The Apostle John told of such ones noisy. church. Wrote for the church, despite the fact that Diotrephes, Who likes to be first, Will do not have anything to do with us. thus I come, I will call focus on what he is doing, Gossiping maliciously on the subject off us. Not satisfied with that, He refuses to welcome the brothers. He also stops those who want to do so and puts them out of the church. 3 jesse 910. (NIV)

    self-belief Seekers. the desire for selfimportance or to find affirmation dominates the discipleship of many. Though they often appear spiritual, Close study of their behavioral patterns discloses that they always place themselves at the top of their priority list. Their service to God rises or falls on the positive attention they get from others. They never grasp the method of crucifying the flesh. all the same, The bible teaches abdominal muscles opposite. Am crucified which has Christ: but I live; so far not I, But Christ liveth inside me: and also the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, Who dear me, And gave themselves for me. Galatians 2:20

    Material Gain proponents. quite a few individuals still come to the church with their hands out. They see money involved, Sympathygivers, babysitters, van repairmen, Groceryproviders, Billpayers and very few freebies. Whereas the faithful believers look around and see the blessings of God in bricked buildings, Paved vehicle lots and carpeted floors, Those whose eyes focus on material gain see opportunity for personal wealth. Jesus directly referred to such people in the text. They followed him only up to he provided natural food for them.

    Complete divestiture of selfish motives continues to be purest way to follow Jesus. keep in mind every blessing, Every corporal healing, Every instance of private gain, Every tremendous, and every instance of a supplied need, As a byproduct to your connection with him. He doesn just give cash payouts IS the prize! We don serve him while he is our meal ticket, But as they is our life. The selection wanted the loaves, But they spurned the hand that engineered the loaves. When you lose on your in Jesus, You gain far far more than selfaggrandizement, Dubious rewards of selfesteem and the for a brief time gifts of material gain. that includes God, himself.
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    Deidrich BaderBatmanジェームズ·アーノルドTaylorWotan /ガイ·ガードナーケヴィンマイケルRichardsonDesperoアレクサンダーPolinskyG’nortグレッグEllisCavalier [url=http://www.teibunsifucoidanya.com/Programs.html]エアフォースワン[/url] [url=http://www.0120480514.com/feeling.html]ナイキ スニーカー[/url] /ドクターフェイトザンダーBerkeleySinestro [url=http://www.0120480514.com/lucky.html]ルイヴィトン バッグ[/url] /ハルJordanAnd今ビデオクリップ、私たちのイメージギャラリーが続く:

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    In today society one thing that can be seen as a constant through all of the changes throughout the market, World outcomes, And technology is strategies. Advertising is seen in almost every aspect of media. It is seen in television, movement pictures, web pages, And magazines among other things. advertisements has become such a business in itself today, That it is used in this manner that it in a sense connects with consumer to make them believe they need that specific product. this can be done by using athletes as well as celebrities to get the message across. By using these suppliers as spokesmen for the product, It makes the normal everyday consumer aim for the product just because someone they think so highly of has the product. Many examples of this will be seen, I will be going at length about two specific examples.

    The first example was an ad created by Nike and it used the athlete Darrelle Revis to promote their new releases for the football season. In the ad Revis explained to a football player that to be a shutdown corner you need the Nike Vapor Fly Carbon cleats and the Nike Vapor Jet gloves. This example used Darrelle Revis who many believe is the best defensive player in the [url=http://www.bluewatertrails.com/totes.html]www.bluewatertrails.com/totes.html[/url] NFL today and is known Revis Island for his outstanding skills at shutting the top receivers down. The ad does this to try to make young athletes believe if they buy these products they can be as good as Revis. In my opinion the ad does a great job of selling its product to the particular, I almost went out and bought the Vapor Fly Carbon cleats with the ad.

    The next example involves two celebrites as both versions star in HBO hit series Entourge. The characters Turtle Ferrara and Drama Dillon are used in an advert for the new Need for Speed Hot Pursuit video game. The commercial commences by showing both Turtle and Drama being valets, Parking high-end sports cars, The commercial then shifts and starts to show clips from the new video game with the same cars being driven in the game. This uses both the credibility of the celebrities and the high end sports cars as a way to draw in consumers [url=http://www.cheyneconstruction.com/from.html]cheap chinese jerseys[/url] to get them to want to play the video game. In my opinion the [url=http://stadiumartandwinewalk.com/the.html]nfl jerseys china[/url] goal of the ad was to show that the only way to have fun and drive the cars the way they should be driven is by playing the video game. Also the ad tells a story about how both turtle and drama park the expensive cars all day to only wait to come back home and play the game and drive the cars recklessly like they must be. This ad drew my attention to it the first time because I like the show Entourage and I liked all of the cars being driven in the commercial, Then when I saw the game clips I knew I had to purchase the game when it is out.

    inclusive, Advertisements profit by our view of athletes and celebrities to make us want to have a product just because someone famous has it. In many cases the goal of a billboard is to make the consumer believe they can be as good as the athlete or as popular and as cool as the celebrity being portrayed. In my opinion advertising campaigns have a big role on what I buy. If an ad is quite effective and it uses the right athlete or celebrity as the spokes person it makes me want to buy the product too. within, With the increase and exposure of celebrities in the media they can almost be seen as walking adverts. When one sees something they are wearing or using that consumer will go out in buy the product just because the celebrity uses it. over-all, I believe it can be seen that athletes and super stars play a huge roll in advertising today.

    certainly, It is very difficult to not be influenced when we see such big names selling us a product. I notice that their is some false sense like you said that if we wear or buy the product we can perform or be as cool as these highly successful people who advertise them. I believe that case the way that our minds work, If its sufficiently for our idol then its definite best for me. But what we should start to understand that when we use the product its mainly because we were enticed by the big name selling it, And they are using the product with thanks to the fat check they received after promoting it. I agree that it can be hard to ignore these big names but what the consumer should do after seeing an advert is to further research the product and not just believe what someone famous and is getting paid is telling you about it. Overall i agree with your opinions on this topic and must keep an open mind and stay out of the trap of certain advertisements.

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    It is fair they are required, and, That if we lessen our increased exposure of the very thing that brought us into being, We are in position to lose our apostolic distinctives. Oneness Pentecostals offer a unique message which mainline Christianity hasn’t preach, And with out them there is little cause for us to clutter up the denominational landscape. I contend that the surest way to remain strong and viable is for us to go making apostolic doctrine a staple ingredient in our preaching and teaching.

    First, I acknowledge that much of the preaching and teaching of history was framed in an adversarial mindset. Clear differences existed between us and most of the church world, more than ever concerning such doctrines as trinitarianism, Water baptism, talking in in tongues, A holiness tradition, Unconditional eternal security and other teachings. The approach of many pioneer apostolic preachers was to gear up for combat and wade back to battle wielding the sword of the Spirit. any scenario that even looked was to be targeted and destroyed. the sad thing is, This earned us a negative good name and we were impugned with the catchphrase that divides. at a distance, It is patently absurd to are convinced the church can survive without strong doctrine. We might sooner belief that we should stop breathing air and drinking water because of widespread pollution. correct. Life depends on these two commodities being freely for sale in abundance. the correct answer is to filter the air and water, Not stop their ingestion. Neither can we eliminate doctrine simply because, essential, Doctrine is regarded as toxic. To negate doctrine is to render the Bible null and void. indeed, The only legitimate cause a local church to exist is to preach and teach Bible doctrine! other things that are a church may be or whatever additional service it may provide, If very easy fulfill its core purpose, it’s just a sham.

    in order to become all things to all people, The modern church has come precariously close to losing its identity. It has developed into social club, A massage therapist office, A live performance hall, A premium coffee klatch, A going room, A easy facility, a residential area gathering place, A weightloss clinic, A a used vehicle clothing store, A lecture classroom and a camp instructors facility. The pulpit has become a dispenser of positive mental attitudes, An support for social reforms, A forum for political points, A source for mental health advice and a host of other cutting-edge causes. The sad fact is that products can be purposes do have tangential value to the church, But too much they have replaced its core mission. Apostolic concentrate has been filtered through trendy ideas until its derivatives have limped out of process stripped of lifechanging power and depleted of truth. Revitalization must take place and it will only happen by time for preaching and teaching the apostles doctrine. nevertheless,having said that, What is renovation,will not carry out this vital purpose?

    Communicate doctrine as the reply to life questions. Answering inquires that nobody is asking is the surest pathway to boredom and irrelevance. Doctrine becomes supremely highly relevant to listeners, however, inside teacher shows how the truths of the Bible meet present problems. as an example, Declaring the oneness of God through the context of ancient pagan concepts holds little value for those caught up in today culture. included with the context of who to pray to, however, Suddenly is reasonable to frazzled, Twentyfirst century bears. the thing is that doctrine doesn exist alone in a sterile, Impassive situation, Having no connection to the realities that people face in everyday life. Every doctrine has huge, Intense relevance to some aspect of a persons condition. People will not shrug their [url=http://www.bluewatertrails.com/totes.html]michael kors[/url] shoulders to doctrine when it is presented as a satisfying answer to a dilemma that they face more and more often. The teacher doesn have to provide the need. It is already there. All he needs to do is find it and fill it with true doctrine.

    Communicate doctrine as close to literal Bible meaning as is possible. Those who revere the Bible as the Word of God need to beware of the flood of translations now available for purchase. numerous translations take unwarranted liberty with scriptures, Daring even to alter verses that succinctly state needed doctrine. When you are looking at doctrine, I believe we must reject any translation or presentation that changes the original intent into something considered more palatable or interesting. Once a teacher deviates from a unique Word, there is absolutely no end to the changes that may be made. in addition, Use Greek nimbly, And only to boost your message. The language of the people continues to be most convincing and powerful medium for preaching.

    transmit doctrine as a statement of truth, Not as a system to kill. I cringe when I hear preachers say true doctrine with a hateful, destructive spirit. All the good they take care of with one hand gets torn down with the other. When they call certain denominations out by name, When they ridicule people who hold incorrect views or when they deny the sincerity of individuals faith in God, Irreparable harm is done before the truth ever gets an opportunity to take root and grow. God so loved our society, that they gave his only begotten Son, That whosoever believeth in him won’t perish, But have timeless life. For God sent not his Son into the world to sentence the world; But that the entrepreneurial world through him might be saved. jesse 3:1617.

    intercommunicate doctrine in a spirit of humility, Not cockiness. In an unfortunate slice of pop culture, The Mohammed Ali quote hard to be humble whenever you’re as great as I am, Has resonated and been repeated by many models. It is far even worse, additionally, For truth proclaimers to take in this prideful attitude. Our preaching and teaching of doctrinal truth should be predicated upon sincere gratitude for the revelation. Note that Jesus did not commend Simon Peter for his superior intellect when he identified Jesus as Christ, The Son this Living God. instead of, Jesus called it a divine revelation, Not a victory of human wisdom. not a single thing more insufferable than an arrogant man. that you deliver doctrine in humility, It has a much greater chance to be accepted.

    Communicate doctrine with thorough proof and research, Not tired clich It is very easy to choose instead old outlines from the past when dealing with doctrine. the thing is that it fails to inspire. Invigorate your presentation with different verses, Perspectives of other Apostolic scholars and fresh pictures. The Bible can handle as much research as you are likely to invest in it. perhaps even, There may be people in the audience who have questioning minds and are not satisfied with the same old same old. Anticipate the arguments to any points you desire to make and prepare scriptural answers to counter them. No Bible preacher or teacher should be outdone in copying his own contentions. Alistair Begg shown, in your own dry, Read your family full, Write manually clear, And pray your site hot. detailed add, Preach your own self empty!

    I will summarize this piece by stating this as undoubtedly as I can: If you are not preaching and teaching doctrine regularly, you’re not fulfilling your call! Doctrine is not an unnecessary appendage from the past. It is not taught only to placate the old heads who still populate your church. It is not an optional training course that can be presented as an elective series. It is not intended just with regard to savor deep theological studies. It needs to be taught to all; Made plain enough for the simple, Made comprehensible enough for the young, Made strong enough for the wavering and made sweet enough for the faithful. I can say this no stronger as compared to Apostle John:

    Transgresseth, And abideth not in a very doctrine of Christ, Hath fail to God. He that abideth by the doctrine of Christ, He hath both the father and the Son. If several come any unto you, And increase not this doctrine, Receive him not into your private home, Neither bid him God increase: For he that biddeth him God swiftness is partaker of his evil deeds. 2 tom 1:911.
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    これがあなたが最良のグループ内に同時に治療することができいくつかのについて、説明を持っているためグループ療法のため呼び出します状況です。 まず、あなたの気持ちについて話してにおける難しさを直接グループ内にであることのプロセスによって対処されています。 [url=http://www.teibunsifucoidanya.com/Programs.html]エアフォースワン[/url] 良いファシリテーターは、あなたが不安に対処し、あなたがグループ内のあなたの声を見つけるのを助けるするのに役立ちます。 このインスタンスでは非常にプロセスでは、あなたの状態のために介入である。 ページの上部にタブではあなたは、グループを見つけるのを助けることができるお住まいの地域でセラピストにあなたを指示することができます助けて見つける。 あなたがもここで検索するたい場合があります。

    第二に、あなたは、他の人が無性、BI、あるいは単に少年たちを怖がっであるとしてあなたの振る舞い​​を解釈することに言及てきました。 あなたはこのヴァイブをオフに与えるという事実はを理解することが重要動的なになります。 グループ内にであることはあなたが異なる方向からどのように見えるかをお見せそれらのマルチアングルミラーの前に立ってのようなものです。 あなたが他の男性と女性への渡って来るどのように学ぶことはグループのメンバーはあなたにではないだけでなく、彼らはあなたのまわり何を感じるの詳細を与えることができますので、重要になるだろう、が、なぜ彼らはそれを感じている。 それはまたあなたに性的関係を持っていることについてあなたの気持ちについて話をするチャンスを与えるでしょう。

    最後に、それにおける男性とグループに参加するようにしてくださいので、あなたがどの​​ように感じる、とどのよう彼らが感じる両方の直接外に見つけることができます。 学ぶには良い方法はありません。



    あなたはまた好むかもしれません:私はソファの上にあなたの納税者DollarsPsychセントラルNewsCliniciansを保存しますトラブル精神障害のPeopleTreatmentの周りにいるの有無:PTSDの治療を妨げる可能性セラピストネイサンFeilesPsych CentralRat·スタディとの10の質問は、抗うつ薬の長期使用して、を検索します、いくつかのLearningPsychセントラル·ニュース

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    ディーゼル、ナイキ、ザラ、スワロフスキー、タグ·ホイヤー。 友人と私はモールでこれらのブランドを販売する店舗を観察し、他の日だった、と我々は1980年代の欲望のこれらのオブジェクトは同等であったブランド議論する暇が。

    我々は、いくつかまたはnoneがあったことを記憶に打たれた。 [url=http://www.teibunsifucoidanya.com/Programs.html]ナイキ フリー[/url] 私たちは、精神的にもっと進化していなかった、お店の棚の上の限られたコンテンツがあったので、我々は満足していました! それは選択が大使やプレミアパドミニに制限されている車についての夢を見ることは事実上不可能である。 可用性がCaronaのとバタに限定されている場合はどうすればよい靴フェチには花ができます。 そして、これは私には、その頭の上に受け取った知恵を理論を開発しました。 私の理論があること:それはより多くの選択肢が、その逆を提供するマーケティング担当者につながるより厳しい消費者はありません:それは新しい消費者の考え方を作成し選択の豊富です。

    私はすでに言及した車や靴を超えた可用性の入力電圧に対応できるよう普及を見てください。 ‘民間企業 と呼ばれる何かがほとんどありませんでしたので、あっても1970年代と1980年代では、プライマリ雇用主は、政府だった。 [url=http://www.0120480514.com/lucky.html]ルイヴィトン[/url] キャリア探査こうして大きなコアセクター会社のようなIAS、IPS、IAAS等及び公共部門の仕事に関して、中央サービス(BHEL、IOC、ONGCなど)につながったり、国有銀行(もちろん医師や弁護士があったが、 これらは数に限り進路だった。)民間セクターの成長、多国籍企業の参入と、1990年代にITなどのセクターの出現は ‘企業幹部’として結婚貿易で知られている若い男性の可用性の拡大につながったと 将来の花嫁の両親の間で新郎としてこの種のための吸引を作成しました。

    あるいは別の例を取る。 ‘自分の家’は吸引ではなかった、それはあなたが、あなたが引退時までにラッキーだったと思いますhaveif望んものだった。 しかし、住宅ローンの利用可能性と、家庭を持つことは、若い専門家の何百万人のための運転吸引になりました。

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    アップグレードは ‘上に移動’意欲につながる

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  221. His Contributions Are More than Just a Critical Comment on Project Runway
    Australian input in Syria

    simply by Shandon HarrisHogan

    while in Syria, The optimism which accompanied the Arab Spring uprising has faded into view of a bloody sectarian civil war. Recent media reports have highlighted the direction of foreign fighters in the conflict, Including a number of aussies.

    The effect of the violence is also being felt among Australian diaspora communities. on the, While concerns regarding the participation of Australians in the fighting are legitimate, it is critical to keep these fears in perspective.

    As the Syrian protest movement merged with a loose network of defecting soldiers from the Assad military to form the free Syrian Army, The opposition became a lot more often murky, split and sectarian.

    In January these year, Signs emerged that jihadists had also begun to align themselves with the patchwork of Syrian opposition forces and there has since been the creation of a new jihadist large business in Syria called Jabhat alNusrah (The victory Front).

    Jabhat alNusrah has since claimed work for more than 200 attacks including bombings, Assassinations and summary accomplishments. These jihadists have been able to obtain arms for the intermediaries used by countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar to distribute weaponry.

    With a rise in jihadists has also come an increase in foreign fighters, exclusively from surrounding countries such as Lebanon, jordan and Iraq. Estimates place quantity of foreign fighters in Syria between 1,100 but 2,700, Including most Westerners. you can find below- wanting to join or assist in the fighting, those that have familial ties to the region and experienced foreign jihadists from places like Iraq.

    The Australian Federal Police have issued a formal warning to Australians not to have fun playing the fighting, proclaiming that it is illegal. regardless, This warning has not stopped the involvement of several Australians in some capacity.

    actually, Syrian and Lebanese Australians are travelling to the region in what appear to be growing numbers. Estimates of could be Australians involved have varied between half a dozen and 300; however the most realistic assessment was given by Mohammad al Hamwi of the Australian Syrian Association, Who estimates the number to get along with 80.

    Though nearly all are likely involved in assisting humanitarian efforts, There are increasing reports of as many as several dozen Australians now joining with the fighting.

    contain specialties such as Marwan alKassab, Reported by local media to have been killed in an explosion while processing weapons for Syrian rebels. There have been conflicting reports as to whether the Sheikh was providing humanitarian assistance or playing the fighting (With one transmit naming him as a platoon leader). Victorian kickboxer Roger Abbas was also killed in the conflict several months ago.

    Lebanese Australians essentially are known to have travelled to the region. Many of they have family connections in and around the northern Lebanese city of [url=http://www.aandbbeverage.com/line.html]chinese wholesale jerseys[/url] Tripoli and have crossed into Syria in solidarity with its Sunni majority.

    Tripoli is less than 40km from the Syrian border and while there exists a line on the map separating the states, Northern Lebanese and southern Syrians cost effectively form one community. Though Lebanon has not habitually been a primary theatre for [url=http://stadiumartandwinewalk.com/the.html]cheap nfl jerseys china[/url] the jihadist movement it is home [url=http://www.cheyneconstruction.com/from.html]cheap jerseys china[/url] to several capable jihadist networks. these groups have dissimilar agendas and are relatively small and clandestine semiautonomous entities with informal organisational structures.

    for the, Northern Lebanese jihadists have become extremely active in Syria, using elements of al Qaeda in Iraq under the banner of Jabhat alNusrah. The presence of Australians among these elements is not entirely unexpected as [url=http://www.bluewatertrails.com/totes.html]michael kors outlet[/url] there have been several previous instances of Australians joining with jihadist activity in Lebanon. in the last ten years, 13 Australians have been arrested or charged in absentia for alleged input with Lebanese jihadist groups Fatah alIslam and Asbat alAnsar. Three others have also been arrested in separate jihadistrelated incidents.

    during the last year, A number of Australian protests of this particular conflict have involved the use of violence. This included a demonstration which ultimately intruded into the Syrian Embassy in Canberra.

    actually, Violence for this conflict is on the rise and includes a shooting in Sydney west, And a prayer room and cultural centre being set on fire in melbourne.

    Sectarian tensions also marked recently in Melbourne when a group of Salafi men attacked an Alawite shop owner. The local community, equipped with data knives and a gun, presented the Alawite man and told him, most likely going to shut you down, you Alawite dog

    along with that, Sydney police were forced to intervene after teenagers were found circulating cellphone footage purporting to show regime forces burying a man alive. scenarios like this demonstrate the very real impact that the conflict is having in the Australian community. Counterterrorism officials are also legitimately concerned that Australians involved in the Syrian conflict may return with skills and training which could be applied here.

    The number of jihadists in Syria remains relatively small and if progress can be made in lessening the intensity of the fighting there is still possibility to prevent large numbers of foreign fighters entering the conflict.

    But in the absence of a peaceful resolution, The number of jihadists will carry on growing, The Syrian people will continue to suffer and tensions continues to manifest among diaspora communities.

    Shandon HarrisHogan is a researcher in the Global Terrorism Research Centre in the School of Political and Social Inquiry in the Faculty of Arts at Monash school.
    [url=http://palmparadiseresort.com/user/vrdogpmudx/]Marco Island’s ‘Big Flag’ raised at foot of Jolley Bridge Naples Daily News[/url]
    [url=http://msans.shutterchance.com/blog.php?itemRef=271043]Killing your Driver Examiner And 5 Other Mistakes to Avoid on Your Road Test[/url]
    [url=http://timedome.com/member.php?181192-teyvhubbma]Only half of police would report a colleague for beating a suspect who tried to escape[/url]
    [url=http://sportamur.ru/user/sxwbgymjhv/]Mother of British soldier gunned down by Real IRA terrorist ‘died of a broken heart’[/url]
    [url=http://enkino.ru/user/sbldgbuntg/]Brad Goreski’s teen battle with weight and drugs revealed in new memoir[/url]

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    1月5日、20127:05私達はそこにまだあります? ワールドアドベンチャーモンゴルキャメル祭VideoClosedキャプションはそこにまだあり我々をavailableAre? ワールドアドベンチャーモンゴルキャメル祭1月5日、20127:05リアル兄弟デュオは、ジャーナルの執筆や旅行ログを通じて探求を共有し、世界を旅する。

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    1月3日、20127:04私達はそこにまだあります? ワールドアドベンチャーイスラエル仮庵VideoClosedキャプションはそこにまだあり我々をavailableAre? ワールドアドベンチャーイスラエル仮庵1月3日、20127:04リアル兄弟デュオは、ジャーナルの執筆や旅行ログを通じて探求を共有し、世界を旅する。

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    1月2日、20127:04私達はそこにまだあります? ワールドアドベンチャーアンティグアパイレーツVideoClosedキャプションはそこにまだあり我々をavailableAre? ワールドアドベンチャーアンティグアパイレーツ1月2日、20127:04リアル兄弟デュオは、ジャーナルの執筆や旅行ログを通じて探求を共有し、世界を旅する。

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    12月23日、20117:02私達はそこにまだあります? ワールドアドベンチャーカナダワイアートンウィリーVideoClosedキャプションはそこにまだあり我々をavailableAre? ワールドアドベンチャーカナダワイアートン·ウィリー12月23日、20117:02リアル兄弟デュオは、ジャーナルの執筆や旅行ログを通じて探求を共有し、世界を旅する。

    キャプションavailableVideoエクアドル村12月21 VideoClosed [url=http://www.teibunsifucoidanya.com/Programs.html]エアフォースワン[/url] 12月21日20117:03ビデオエクアドル村、20117:03リアル兄弟デュオは、ジャーナルの執筆や旅行ログを通じて探求を共有し、世界を旅する。



    12月16日、20117:02私達はそこにまだあります? VideoClosedキャプションはまだ我々の存在をavailableAreワールドアドベンチャーのJapanSnowサル? ワールドアドベンチャーJapanSnowサル12月16日、20117:02リアル兄弟デュオは、世界は、ジャーナルの執筆や旅行ログを通じて探求を共有旅。

  223. Dining After Abbey Why British Food Was So Bad For So Long
    A Bifocal Glasses That Protect Eyes From UV the radiation

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    Two narrow lenses (Placed inside the more expensive lenses), Serves to pay vision disorders at close range, so your wearer gain increased closefocus range and can read clearly, While the wider lens work as sunglasses. Often bifocal sunglasses are now backed up polarized lenses to maximize protection for the eyes from the sunlight. to receive the right size of corrective lenses, You should check your eyes and get a proper treatment plan from an Optician. A good Optician will be able to provide the most appropriate prescription for your eyes, So your eyes will feel when you use your bifocal sunglasses.

    good, So you feel you’ll need a bifocal sunglasses. If you really have your eyes examined by an Optician and you actually told they have nearsightedness, You need a bifocal glasses or sophisicated glasses. But you should have to consider further, bigger more involved need a pair of glasses that has two functions, As a bifocal glasses in addition to a sunglasses. If you rarely are outside of the house, And you mostly make your activities at home, Then maybe a bifocal or progressive glasses is right for you. The glasses will help you to do activities that require visual focus at close range. However if you feel you need a bifocal sunglasses, read on.


    ultimately, You need bifocal sunglasses when you are doing activities outdoors, In sunny days. If you travel on a regular basis, You also need a great glasses. contemplate, If you are out of the home when the sun is shining, Such as at a picnic time or at a park, And want [url=http://stadiumartandwinewalk.com/the.html]stadiumartandwinewalk.com/the.html[/url] to read your best book. Or you are under the scorching sun in the your trip, and wish to read a travel guide or a map. Your eyes need protection from harmful UV rays, and a support for a closer view. You will get everything from a bifocal sunglasses, So you will not need to bring two pieces of glasses and sunglasses and change it every time you need it. Bifocal sunglasses elegant to be able to see objects clearly at close range, While making you look stylish with a tinted glasses. certainly at once convenient, don’t you find it?


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    Consider also the design of glasses you choose. Many designers provide bifocal sun glasses. RayBan, Nike, Anne Klein, Prada, Bora, Churada, ron Lauren, Bobby Jones, Is a wellknown brands that serve bifocal sunglasses. My helpful hints, Do not choose sunlight knock offs or imitations made in China, because of the low quality. You do not need to choose wellknown designer frames, Because many bifocal shades are sold at a price of $ 10 $ 30. Check amazon marketplace. there are many bifocal sunglasses with low prices as an ideal eyewear, concept eyes, RL, Dewalt, ICU, etcetera.


    Use comfortable cloth, Preferably the cloth that includes the bifocal sunglasses. if you’re lenses are dirty, it is an excellent wash your glasses with soap and warm water. Dirts such as sand will scratch the lens coating if you wipe your glasses not including rinsing with water first. Keep bifocal glasses in its case. Do not bagging sunglasses along with other items that can be scratching the surface of the lens, by way of example keys, good items. Choose the lenses and frames that include a good coating. it will make your glasses last longer. Do not expose your glasses from substance, Such as rubbing alcohol and the like. That is the way you get rid bifocal sunglasses. Simple don’t you think?


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  226. Hen Party Games To Get You In The Mood For A Fantastic Time
    Assad’s Qusair success won’t lead to war’s end

    Westchester Bedford Cortlandt Eastchester Greenburgh Harrison Lewisboro Mamaroneck Mount Kisco Putnam Carmel Kent Patterson Philipstown Putnam vly Southeast

    Westchester Mount rewarding Mount Vernon New Castle New Rochelle North Castle North Salem Ossining Peekskill Pelham Rockland Clarkstown Haverstraw Orangetown Ramapo Stony Point

    Westchester Port Chester / Rye Brook Pound Ridge Rye Scarsdale Somers White Plains Yonkers Yorktown Express Blogs upper Westchester Yorktown and Cortlandt [url=http://www.bluewatertrails.com/totes.html]www.bluewatertrails.com/totes.html[/url] region White Plains region Sound Shore Bronxville and Scarsdale region Rockland Putnam Blog

    Forces loyal to Syrian dictator Bashar Assad may have retaken the strategize your move border town of Qusair, But the civil war that has left large swaths of the nation in rebel hands is far from over.

    Despite recent success in Qusair and Aleppo, Forces backing Assad’s regime are too limited to retake four or five provinces controlled by the rebels, Says paul Holliday, A military analyst at the Institute for the research into War, A miami think tank.

    « They don’t have the forces required [url=http://www.aandbbeverage.com/line.html]wholesale jerseys from china[/url] to together take back all that territory. If they deal with it from Qusair, they might risk losing it again, [url=http://www.cheyneconstruction.com/from.html]www.cheyneconstruction.com/from.html[/url] said Holliday, A former brains officer for the Army who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Syrian forces retook the town on the Lebanese border after a threeweek offensive with help from associated with fighters from Hezbollah, The Lebanonbased Shiite militia trustworthy by Iran. Rebel fighters who relied on sniper fire and small arms said an ongoing [url=http://stadiumartandwinewalk.com/the.html]cheap nfl jerseys china[/url] government artillery barrage forced them to retreat in the interests of civilians.

    across 1,000 civilians and Free Syrian Army fighters died and 20,000 people live in the city, other activist Abu Rami told Voice of America.

    Rebels used Qusair as a transit point for supplies from Lebanon therefore to their fighters in the city of Homs, A route that now benefit Assad’s forces. But Holliday says Hezbollah’s open and deep engagement is the more significant result of the battle.

    tons of Hezbollah fighters died in the fighting, And Hezbollah’s leader announced on May 25 that his militia is focused on protecting the Assad regime. « This war is ours, And I promise you win, Hassan Nasrallah claims.

    The struggle « Demonstrates Hezbollah’s willingness to fight for the regime, may lead to spillover into Lebanon like we haven’t seen yet, Holliday menti one d.

    Since arguing began in Qusair last month, Militants connected with the Syrian rebels launched multiple rockets attacks and assassination attempts in southern Lebanon and Beirut at Hezbollahdominated neighborhoods and militia supporters, he said.

    The strategic importance of Qusair is limited, suffice to say, Because one border crossing does not control full border, he explained. Rebels will continue to cross from Lebanon to Syria, sth of Qusair, And to generate supply routes from Iraq, egypr and Jordan.

    « This certainly will not defeat the regime by any means, Holliday explained.

    The regime has gained momentum since retaking much of the north city of Aleppo two months ago, And Hezbollah may help it merge control over area it now controls, to include Syria’s most populated and economically important districts. As regime forces have withdrawn from areas, Its airstrikes have targeted structure in rebel hands.

    Read very first story: expert: Assad’s Qusair victory won’t lead to war’s endHELPSubscriber tech services (800) 9421010Contact UsAdvertiser ServicesAbout UsArchivesSite IndexFAQNewspapers in EducationReprints permissionsWork for all
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    キュレーターセバスチャンムーディーズは、それはサイケデリアの最近の探査は、実際には1960年代の考え方 ドロップアウトでは、チューンをオンへの反動であるかどうか議論の余地があると言いました。

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    しかし、 ‘サイケデリックの経験の精神を手品と、美的に重要なままであり、展示会での作品のすべての中心と、内側と外側worldsis間のブリッジをconsciousnessfinding拡大のアイデア。

    注目の作品の中でデール·フランク、サンドラセリグのフッ素蜘蛛の巣、そして先住民アーティストロイマックアイバーの絵によって脈動抽象画です。 ジェフKleemは、ユニークな視聴体験を提供するために、3Dメガネが付属していても良いの森だ。



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    ショーン·ベイリー、ベルバサン、ガイ·ベンフィールド、クリス·ベニー、ダミアーノBertoliの、マットDabrowskiのとグラマーの多くの手、ジェームズDeutsher、アニタ·フォンテーヌ、デール·フランク、ベン·フロスト、ネイサングレー、アイリーンHanenbergh、マットヒンクリー、ナタリアヒューズ、ブレンダンハントリー 、ティム·ジョンソンとナバチャップマン、マドレーヌケリー、ジェフKleem、ティム·マグワイア、ロスマニング、ディランマルトレル、Laithマクレガー、ロイマックアイバー、テレビムーア、ジョシュアペセリックとクリストファーLGヒル、ナイキサヴァス、カールScrase、ニックSelenitsch、サンドラセリグ、 ケイトショー、ノースクリュプチャク、ブレンダン·スミス、ジェマ·スミス、ジョエル·スターンとWtem正人高坂、ダレンワードル、ロハンWealleans、ジェミマ·ワイマン、そしてジョン·ヤング。

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    マイケル·ジョーダンポスターやマイケル·ジョーダンのポスターはとても人気だった。 ジョーダンは、世界中のスポーツ活動ファンにヒーローとなるよう優れていた。 [url=http://www.teibunsifucoidanya.com/Programs.html]ナイキ フリー[/url] それがあった、それは彼の才能、性格、クラスオフで、ステータスや能力を使って、彼はとても人気がフィールド上で多数だった。 彼らは唯一のアリ、ベーブ·ルースとバンビーノグレツキーのような他の人の数がいるので、彼の慎重に、リンクされている。

    彼の非凡なダンクや美しいアクションは信者を魅了。 彼のフォロワーに、彼はオフと面積でライフスタイルよりも大きく見えた。 彼は富、それがささやかな男のまま愛されてきた良い人生だったにもかかわらず。 彼はウィーティー、ゲータレードとマクドナルドのために大道商人のような他のブルズの莫大な数千人を獲得した。 彼のスニーカーエアジョーダンナイキは何か他のものとしての成長を刺激してきた。

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    彼が停止するときに知っていることはない。 レクリエーションの内側に一部が自分が実行使用幸せどこにいても、6 6ジョーダンはずっと自分自身とチームメイトをより良くしようとしています。 何が彼は通常彼が実行されるよう皆が一生懸命ゲームを果たしていると信じたい。 一つは彼のコーチの感心と述べた。

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    Abuse on the sides in Syria

    The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has said that both sides in the Syrian conflict were critical to human rights abuses.

    dealing with the 47member UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Navi Pillay reiterated that the Syrian the united states actions might amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    « The use of heavy weapons by the federal government and the shelling of populated areas have resulted in high numbers [url=http://www.bluewatertrails.com/totes.html]michael kors outlet online[/url] of civilian casualties, Mass displacement of civilians [url=http://stadiumartandwinewalk.com/the.html]cheap nfl jerseys from china[/url] in and out of the country and a devastating humanitarian crisis, She considered.

    « I am equally worried about violations by antigovernment forces, such murder, Extrajudicial rendering and torture, in addition to recently increased use of improvised explosive devices,

    Ms Pillay has repeatedly called for Syria to be referred to the worldwide Criminal Court, But such a referral can only be effected by the UN collateral Council, Which is split on the way to handle Syria.

    China and Russia oppose any look to lay the blame for the crisis on President Bashar alAssad.

    The Human Rights Council has repeatedly voted to condemn Syria government for its handling of what began as a peaceful protest movement against the us govenment and has escalated into civil war.

    offshore, Russia and Cuba have perpetually voted against its resolutions.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human protection under the law, An amount of resistance watchdog based in London, Says through 23,000 everyone has started to died in the uprising that has lasted more than 17 months.

    surrounding 200,000 Syrians have fled to bulgaria, test, iraq and Lebanon.

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    « We must be sure that anyone, On any negative, Who commits war criminal offenses, Crimes against humanity or other violations worldwide human rights or humanitarian law is brought to justice, He told the discussion.
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    FILE within just Aug. 8, 1992 pic, that USA’s Scottie Pippen, got out of, With michael jordan, meeting place, as well as,while Clyde Drexler, Pose utilizing their gold medals after beating in Barcelona. Jordan tells the Associated Press that he laughed when heard Kobe Bryant said this year’s USA Olympic hockey team could beat the Dream Team that Jordan played on. the nike air jordan said « It’s not even something » Who might have won that game. « there was 11 Hall of Famers on that team. as long as they get 11 Hall of Famers you call and ask me, (AP Photo/Susan Ragan)

    Jordan told The normally expected Press Thursday that he laughed « I absolutely laughed » When hearing Bryant’s comments that the squad information on Las Vegas could take Jordan and company.

    « For him to check those two teams is not one of the smarter things he ever could have done, Jordan said prior playing in a high profile golf tournament in Charlotte.

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    « I heard Kobe say we just weren’t [url=http://www.bluewatertrails.com/totes.html]www.bluewatertrails.com/totes.html[/url] athletic, Said a smiling Jordan as he sat in a golf buggy puffing on his cigar while waiting to tee off. « But we were smart. He said we had been too old, But I was 29 and in the main of my career. Pip (Scottie Pippen) already been 26 or 27, (Charles) Barkley might have been 29, tanker (Ewing) Was 29 and bob Mullin was 29. almost everybody was still in their twenties,

    Jordan’s response came after Bryant told reporters in Las Vegas that this year’s team could pull out a win from Dream Team if they faced each other in their primes. Bryant said this year’s team has lots of racehorses, Players who are really athletic while the Dream Team consisted mainly of players at the tail end of their careers,

    Bryant’s comments received on the spot and sharp rebuttal from some members of the Dream Team, like Barkley.

    « most of us were in the prime of our careers, At a point where athleticism really doesn’t matter, Said nike jordans, the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. « You have to know how to play the game,

    Jordan shook his head when asked why he thinks Bryant made should be genuine.

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    « For him to make that comparability, It’s one of those things where it creates conversation, nike jordans said. « I guess we’ll can’t predict. I’d like to think that we had 11 Hall of Famers on that team and as long as they get 11 Hall of Famers you call and ask me who had the better Dream Team. always remember now, They educated from us. We didn’t learn from them,
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    Which shows well with Shearer. He will happen good, As has done Shearer.

    The people criticizing carroll. kid’s criticism based on? He invariably is a target man and if the Liverpool play makers don’t supply to him then how is it his fault? In fact the team has also taken time to sit in carroll’s game play. I can’t remember temporarly now since we last had a striker as a target man. Our last strikers like The God, Micheal owen, Torres necessary been natural goal scorers. Heskey was form of a target man. Carroll is various player and he has taken time to adjust. Now that Liverpool are reconciling with players from injury’s I expect carroll to score more. I think he will benefit big time from manufacturers like bellamy, Suarez on top of that gerrard.

    re Simon W;

    It took Carroll 8 months to score as many league goals for liverpool as Shearer did in his first game for Southampton. Great form a contrast!

    Also calling earphones Tottenhamliverpool game a « Ref prompted debacle » Is bizarre, gatwick were vastly outclassed that day, before and after the (well earned) Red greeting cards. You don’t lose a match 40 because of a referee!

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    BTW pertaining to Carroll? Alan Shearer began VERY badly to didn’t score many goals in his first few seasons at Southampton Guess WHICH manager bought him unlocked his potential after that? Andy’s Just creating his stride and as such? human history WILL repeat itself. you’ll find.
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